Kristen Bykowski

Co-Founder & Connoisseur of the Unforgettable

It took years.  Years of saving up Christmas gift ideas beginning in February and creating elaborate surprises to bring smiles to loved ones' faces. Years of traveling the world and wandering into the most secluded, intriguing places she could find. Years of knowing that her square peg life would never fit into a round hole world. It took years... but they were worth it. Because after all of those years, White Rabbits was born. 

After working as a freelance music and lifestyle writer/reporter interviewing some of the biggest names in entertainment, a brief stint in Las Vegas (what happens in Vegas...), and mastering the art of making the impossible possible for some high powered CEOs in the Real Estate and Private Equity worlds, Kristen followed her passion right down the rabbit hole and created White Rabbits

She doesn't believe in chance or coincidence; she believes in making life happen. One smile at a time.

Gifting Philosophy:
Write. Things. Down. Surprise people with how much you actually pay attention since the smallest things are always most important. Don't forget them... write little notes when they happen and one day it'll pay off with the perfect gift.

Best Gift Ever Received:
My crazy best friend Nic secretly gathered 45 people and got them to sing the hook of Lean On Me at a very tough time in my life. She spliced and edited and one day handed me a homemade DVD case (think psycho stalker magazine cutouts, but in a good way) with the most touching 15 minute compilation/show of love and support I have ever, and will ever receive.

Most Recent Favorite Moment:
Getting my latest tattoo since it's an ode to White Rabbits. It's on my middle finger so probably better if I don't show you.

If I'm not working, I'm eating or plotting and planning my next trip. I live with a chef and between the two of us, we don't get much time off. But when we do... bet that you can find us eating or traveling! Next stops: Puerto Rico, Utah and Italy. 

Words to Live By:
"May love be your guide in every moment of your life." Paulo Coehlo said that to me in 2002. I try to live it every day. 

Nic Rock                  

Co-Founder & Connoisseur of the Unforgettable

Prior to founding White Rabbits, Nic was the Editorial Assistant for International Vogue & Vanity Fair. Prior to this, she was the VP of Research at an Executive Search firm, where she first met Kristen and began world takeover plotting. Prior to that she was modeling, bartending, and traveling the world. Prior to that... you get the point. The point is that it is equally important to know what you do want in a job as what you don't want. And the best way to land your dream job is to create it.  

On any given Sunday, you can find Nic exploring the streets of New Orleans. She loves going in every store, taking notes on the unconventional items, meeting the owners, building relationships with the salespeople, and racing home to input the data in White Rabbits' customized database, Magic Bank, knowing it will someday be the perfect item for a client.  

Nic has always been told she sees the world through rose colored glasses. She welcomes those who want to see the world this way to join her on the magical journey of White Rabbits.  

Gifting Philosophy: 
I believe not giving a gift at all is better than giving a bad gift. Impersonal gifts are counterproductive for both personal & professional relationships. It's like tying a ribbon on a box of "I have no idea who you are."

Best Gift Ever Received: 
A boyfriend once called my dad to get the exact recipe for his German Chocolate Cake to make for my birthday after I told him it was my favorite.

Most Recent Favorite Moment: 
After some cocktails at The Handy Liquor bar, I used my "In Pursuit of Magic" stencil and tagged a wall in Soho. Nothing like waking up covered in white paint to know you had another killer girls night.

I am currently in a long distance relationship with Manhattan, and things seem to be going really well. I occasionally cheat on him with Netflix, but who doesn't?

Words to Live by:
Catch on fire with enthusiasm and passion, and people will come for miles to watch you burn.

White Rabbit
Mascot, Smart-ass, International Ladies Man

White Rabbit was born in the summer of 2013 from a very special bottle of bubbly, opened to celebrate the next chapter for the company.

Research is not his strong point, he despises pretty much everyone so client relations is out, but his sense of humor and hunger for adventure keeps everyone in the office on their toes.

Gifting Philosophy:
Whoever said "it's the thought that counts" is now a divorced douchebag. 

Best Gift Ever Received:
Fist pump from Josh Homme from the backseat of my car after a QOTSA concert. Yeah, I called shotgun.

Biggest Lesson Learned From Working With Kristen & Nic:
Never tell a woman to relax. Ever.

Words To Live By:
Get shit done.